This is Me

Lexie Bebbington,BSc (Hons) QTS LCH Dip CPCC


I’ve been a certified professional life coach since 2005. I love learning new methods and have used many

powerful coaching techniques over the years with my clients.

And there is no doubt they have been useful. Often even life-changing. However, I noticed that when particularly stressful situations came along, my clients tended to have to master a wide range of different techniques in order to

“fix things.” This is hard work and I found myself wishing there was an easier way for people to have more ease with their worlds and themselves.

Several years ago, I stumbled upon something very different to all the other coaching methods and it 

all changed. For my clients and for me. I used to believe that while we could use all kinds of tools to smooth over the bumps in our lives, we basically remained the same underneath. Stressed people remained stressed. Anxious people continued to be anxious. Introverts stayed introverted. And so on. And then I realised that wasn’t actually true at all.

On a personal level, I believed myself to be someone who would always struggle with periods of anxiety, low moods and generally being over-sensitive. I didn’t like it but it was manageable. I worked very hard to ensure that I always had a range of tools and techniques I could use. And besides, I genuinely thought that was how it had to be. And with my “bag of tools”, I functioned well enough.


There is no doubt that those tools helped me massively  -- particularly through five arduous rounds of IVF which, fortunately for my husband and me, eventually lead to us having a child of our own.

So what is different about this method? The shocking surprise to me is that it is dead simple. No techniques to learn. Nothing hard to do at all.

I discovered that anxiety is not who I am.

Low moods and over-sensitivity are not my natural states.

I discovered that I always have direct access to a deep sense of peacefulness, calm and ease. No matter what is going on in my day, my week, my life.

I could effortlessly drop into this peaceful space any time I wanted to. The inner sense of relief and calm it provides goes beyond words. It is no exaggeration to say that the impact it has on every aspect of my life on a day to day basis is immeasurable.


Coaching Background

  • Co-Active Coaching, CPCC

  • LCH Dip (Life Coaching Handbook Diploma) with Achievement Specialists "Practitioner of Life Coaching"

  • BSc Hons QTS (Bachelor of Science with Qualified Teacher Status) 2:1

  • UCP (Ultimate Coach Programme)

  • Rapid Coaching Academy

  • Innate Evolution Principle Based Trainer

  • Fully certified Change Coach

Other coaching methods I've studied:

  • The Work 

  • NLP

  • Power Coaching with Mind Kinetics

  • Law of Attraction

  • Quantum Entrainment 

  • The Three Principles

  • Coaching from the Inside Out

  • Ho'oponono

  • Clean Language Coaching

  • Bach Flower Remedies Diploma (Distinction)