Happy Clients

Lexie opened up a world for me that is brighter and more wonderful than I could imagine.  At times I felt like a tourist on a beautiful sightseeing tour, wondering leisurely along a path with Lexie pointing out the landmarks and allowing me to discover their importance and magic for myself.  I felt that all of my achievements and discoveries were mine and yet without Lexie as my guide, I know I would not have made them.

Do you know what?  I feel so lucky to have had Lexie in my life!  I have a tattoo on my back - it is just a few words and says “Angels walk among us”.  Well I reckon she’s an angel.  She has such a gift for making me feel bloody wonderful!



Lexie was instrumental in helping me work through self-limiting beliefs and managing change at a particularly challenging time in my personal and professional life.  I initially had reservations around our regular sessions being conducted by phone (due to geography) but I needn’t have been concerned.  Lexie is incredibly creative and able to build therapeutic engagement and rapport, whatever the setting.  Lexie is a highly skilled and dedicated practitioner, she is creative in her approach and is gifted at placing people at ease and instilling trust.  Now as a therapeutic practitioner myself, I continue to use an effective motivational tool, which Lexie introduced to me whilst working together.  I genuinely cannot praise her enough.

Lexie has given me the confidence to confront so many of my life long fears.  When we started working together, I would never have guessed that I could give a talk to 200 people, perform on stage, manage a literature festival and learn to drive!  Her insight, patience, warmth and amazing ability to get to the heart of things have taught me so much.  With Lexie as my coach I felt that anything was possible and not only that but that challenges can actually be a wonderful opportunity to grow and learn.  Lexie is sensitive, thoughtful and inspirational.  I would recommend her to anyone who wants to transform their life in a safe, supporting and loving way.



Lexie has the talent of being completely non-judgemental.  She created a space for where I could be me.  From that space I grew in confidence and self-belief.  From that space I evolved and continue to do so.  She has the greatest gift of intuition that I have ever come across.  When I talk with her I feel that I am sitting at a table with a huge multi-dimensional jigsaw puzzle laid out in front of me.  The jigsaw is my life. It doesn’t have a set shape.  She instinctively knows the right piece of the jigsaw puzzle to hand me at exactly the right time.  I play with it and suddenly put it into my life puzzle and the piece opens up a whole new level of confidence and growth for me.

After years of procrastinating, over-thinking and general dithering, thanks to Lexie I have a whole new approach to life.  The old negative tapes that ran in my head have been replaced by positive “can do” ones.  I feel as if my brain has been wiped clean, buffed up and polished.  My life has a whole new balance to it that I’ve never been able to achieve before.  Thank you!



In four words – Lexie Changed My Life.  Lexie gave me the tools and the courage to look at my life differently and lead me to understand what success and happiness meant for me.  With a warm, open and yet professional approach, she maintains the perfect combination of supporting and guiding.  She is a fountain of knowledge and always has a good book to recommend.  I went away from every session feeing enlightened, uplifted and inspired.  I have no hesitation in recommending Lexie as a coach to anyone who is struggling.


It is hard to put into words how much I value Lexie and thank her for all she has helped me to overcome.  I remember saying that I had achieved nothing in my 35 years and I meant it.  I truly believed there to be no way out and it was weighing very heavily on my lone shoulders.  I cannot praise her highly enough for her coaching and how it turned my life around - and I hope that you entrust yourself to her guidance as I did.  She is a truly wonderful, astounding, phenomenal and sensational woman.  Everyone should have a Lexie in their life!


Lexie has the ability to cut through the mess in my head and a way of helping me see things in an entirely different way which is amazing.  I think she is a master coach and has inspired me more than words can say.  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I feel strong enough to commit to keeping that feeling and I can’t stop gushing my thanks as I feel so relieved!


I just wanted to thank you to Lexie for pulling me out of that misery I couldn’t seem to escape from and then teaching me the way to be happy, to love myself and to love and appreciate the life I have.  She also taught me to dream again and I didn’t fully realise how important hope and gratitude were to being happy and positive.  Thank you Lexie.  Just thank you.  I am so grateful.  I’m the happiest and luckiest person in the world and you guided me here.  I’m in awe.


Five months ago I was trapped in what felt like the centre of a miserable black messy squiggle on a page in every area of my life and despite all my efforts there was no way out.  When I hit rock bottom a close friend recommended I speak to a life coach – and after some initial cynicism and reluctance on my part, I called Lexie.  And from that moment on, my life changed.  I don’t know how Lexie manages to work her magic given we’ve never even met in person (our sessions are over the phone), but those squiggles quickly became smooth colourful lines or bundles that I could deal with and weirdly enough enjoy.  She somehow managed to provide me with the key to understanding myself in a way I had never experienced before: enjoying the simplest of pleasures and knowing how to make myself happy from the inside.  I am eternally grateful for the new perspective she has shared with me and the happiness she has awakened in me.  Thank you Lexie from the bottom of my now happy heart.

I have felt safe and nurtured throughout my time working with Lexie.  I was fully able to express myself in words and thoughts which felt truly liberating.  The safe place that I discovered during the sessions is now a part of me.  I only have to turn my eyes or feelings inward to access something that seems both remembered and real. I have become much more aware of my intuition and now choose to listen to it and honour it.  I would encourage anyone, regardless of age to experience working with Lexie.  As well as benefitting from the deep feeling of relaxation and letting go you will really feel like you are coming home to yourself (the wonderful place where you can truly be you).  And from there, anything is possible!